Holden at Southcenter

Balance being at the seam of natural and built environment.

Location: Tukwila, Washington  |   Units: 134

Located in Tukwila WA, the site is defined by the high-density urban environment of Andover Park E and the thickly vegetated ecosystem of the river running along Christensen road. Both streets are neighborhood corridors and due to the proximity of the river, a large portion of the site lies within the shoreline jurisdiction which poses a number of challenges and opportunities. The concept for the project stems directly from the location and site. Located at the seam of the built environment and the natural environment, the design must balance the two, creating a gradient as one fades into the other. The architectural concept is produced in two parts; one, by creating an urban edge along Andover with a focus on the pedestrian scale and, two, by creating a soft edge along the riverfront side with an emphasis on vegetation and reduction in perceived massing and scale. The concept is achieved through the site design, building massing and material selection.